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Urgently!!! Shenzhen Jobs

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Urgently!!! Shenzhen Jobs 1,  Part time ! Our Luohu Center ( Huangbeiling  Station of Line 2 or Cuizhu Station of Line3 ) is looking  for native teachers or European  English speakers with no accent , on Fridays: 5:45pm-7:15pm from tomorrow (Sep 15th). Around 4 students in one class,  10-11 years old. 250 per hour. The … Continue reading Urgently!!! Shenzhen Jobs

Many Jobs in Shenzhen

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1.part time one training center is looking for an experienced english teacher from America . Location: Shenzhen, Luohu, line 5 baigelong metro station Working time: Sunday 7-8:30pm once a week Students: 11 years old, 6kids in the group Salary:450 per 1.5 hours 2’Part time job .need female teacher Location:  shaibu(near laojie) Metro station line 3 … Continue reading Many Jobs in Shenzhen

Shenzhen/Beijing/ Jobs in China for Foreigners

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Shenzhen Jobs in China for Foreigners 1.a training  center  in zhe jiang province.ning bo city need a  teacher from europe.13k to 15k with accomodation. need experienced and good pronounciation.if u are native speaker or graduate  from native country we can do  z visa for u 2. a  kindergarten in bei jing city. chao yang  district … Continue reading Shenzhen/Beijing/ Jobs in China for Foreigners

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